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Abdulaziz July 19, 2020

Banana’s are radioactive contain trace amounts of (naturally radioactive
isotope potassium-40
Uranium ore contains trace amounts of (naturally occurring) radioactive isotopes uranium-238 & 235

Uranium ore – enriched uranium 235…

  • (22392U) is mined and purified into a fluorescent yellow powder called yellowcake
  • yellowcake is then processed to give uranium oxide enriched in uranium 235
    • used in fuel rods in nuclear reactors (~3.5%)
    • requires enrichment to 90% for use in weapons

Depleted Uranium

  • Uranium remaining after enrichment
    • ‘depleted uranium”
    • considerably less radioactive than natural uranium
    • still very dense and hazardous in granulated form
  • Used in:
    • armour penetrating weapons
    • radiation shielding