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Replacing Petrol & Diesel Cars

Abdulaziz July 14, 2020
  • New transportation energy needs to be as simple as refueling using liquid fuels
  • How ??

Internal Combustion Engine

How Do Gasoline Cars Work?

Biofuel Cars

How Do Flexible Fuel Cars Work Using Ethanol ?

Hybrid EV

How Do Electric Cars Work ?

EV’s powered from batteries or fuel cells

Battery wars: Japan and South Korea battle China for future of EVs ...

Battery EV

Engineering 101: Tesla Electric Vehicle Tech Explained
Engine calibration updates: Fueling and spark advance calibrations are directed by vehicle computer to control combustion, enable cold start, and meet emissions requirements. Fuel system electrical connections and wiring: System must be electrically isolated and made of materials designed to handle ethanol
How Do Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Work Using Hydrogen ?

Batteries V Fuel Cells

Do we need to choose ?

  • Some cases are better for battery or for fuel cell
  • Many cases are not optimal for either
  • Hybrid possibilities with one electric drivetrain
    • Battery + fuel cell range extender
    • Fuel cell + battery booster
Blue batteries background
Blue batteries background

Emission differences

Electric cars charge ahead !

Types of EV

infographic of various electric cars