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Wave Energy

Abdulaziz July 15, 2020
  • floating buoyed device
  • energy generated mechanical movement from the waves peaks and troughs
    • ~ 2 MW
Waves beating against the rocks
Waves beating against the rocks

Carnegie Wave Power

Bombora’s 60MW Wave Farm (mWave) Feasibility Study

  • Study investigates the economics of a potential 60MW wave farm
    consisting of 40 Bombora Wave Energy Converters at a site near
    Peniche in Portugal
  • Two challenges:
  • Delivering cost effective energy
  • Surviving harsh storms
  • Study demonstrates that mWave technology is commercially viable at scale, validating Bombora’s commercial potential
  • The review was commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and independently reviewed by BMT WBM.
Bombora mWave

Power Buoy

  • Between surface buoy and metal plate is a large hydraulic cylinder with a piston inside
  • As the buoy rises and falls, it pushes and pulls on the piston
  • This forces hydraulic fluid through a hydraulic motor, which in turn runs an electrical generator

Surface Wave Energy Ocean Treader

Explainer: what is ocean energy ?

Swaying Wave Power

bioWAVE concept