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Management of Air Quality through Legislation

Abdulaziz July 1, 2020

What are the aims of air quality management?

Poverty is bad for health so the aim of air quality management is NOT to kill industrial and economic development.
• Aim is to reduce exposure of workers and public to levels which minimise health impacts as much as possible not entailing over excessive costs.
• Hence as control measures become more effective and society becomes wealthier, acceptable levels of pollution reduce.
• Legislation has to protect workers, the public, habitats, ecosystems from possible risks.
• Would industry do it without legislation?

Environmental Air Pollution Control and Air Quality Management

• Somewhat bewildering array of regulations and legislation applying to pollution control.
– Statutes (Acts of Parliament)
– EU directives following single European Act in 1987.
– Statutory instruments or regulations.
• For a specific process then all relevant regulations must be considered.
• Intention here is to give a flavour of the framework for pollution control and most important legislation and procedures.
• Legal framework CANNOT be ignored or the permission to operate will not be given or fines and criminal prosecution may result.
• The power for enforcement falls to
– Local Authorities (local)
– Environment Agency (national)
– Health and Safety Executive (air quality in work place).