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Chapter 2: Finding the Schools

Abdulaziz July 18, 2021

Chapter Overview

The next chapter will be focused on creating a list of schools that are the target for a scholarship.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Right now we will work with a system, just like before no emotions. You must trust the system. 
  • We will direct you to a number of ranking systems, these ranking have different factors you must be very careful and follow our instructions when setting the factors!

If you don’t know or are confused then it would be best to ask the group or put your questions in the general chat. 

Scholarship application form


Finding the schools

Based on what you have recorded in chapter 1.

1- Academic Ranking:

The academic rankingis of extrema importancebut that doesn’t mean that a school would fit you because of its rank.

2-  discuss this with your group

By end of this exercise, you would have written down at least five schools in order that is the best fit for you.