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// Section 3 Lecture

Research online and write down which major rely on your favorite topics in 1.
  • This step is going to be a little bit challenging, that is why it is very important to check it with your group.

// Word Exercise 2

  • Word Document: In the excercise below answer the following questions

// Write down:

Write down the words “ introduction to ….” and in the blank add your topic from 1.
what you are going to find is:
a) books: there is no way for you at this stage to know where is this book being taught, so just add the title to your notes and ask your instructor to help you with this after you finish the module.
b) Courses: you will see lecture videos or course websites for a school
  • If it is a course website look for the name of the department and writ it down in your note book, and it is a video open it and check the intro most probably if would have the name of the department, also writ it down.

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