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Abdulaziz August 21, 2021
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Before we go to the school Program Calculator here is what you need to do:

a. We are using four ranking systems, which are:
US news ranking, QS ranking, Times ranking, and Shanghai ranking.

b. The program is ready for you, all you have to do is to type down the information in these ranking websites.
c. We will be guiding you step by step.
d. It is important to follow the instructions clearly.
e. Finally, after each section we encourage you to discuss your results with your group on discord.

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: 

// How to put in the numbers (color code)

  • In the next few slides/lectures, we will go step by step to fill in the program.
  • We are going to be using a color code for each sector. For now trust the system and the results will be clear by the end of this exercise.
  • We will move section by section, each section will have its title in the excel sheet.

University sign

// Example of how results will be generated at the end of this chapter

School nameNumbers relating to it in the excel sheet
 University of Pennsylvania4
ETH Zurich6