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Sather Gate at the University of California, Berkeley
  • 1. After writing down the departments, look at the department and which collage does they belong to?
  • 2. This is going to be the last step. But here where the confusion will start. School/collage of ….   ,   department of …… , and  Major.
  • 3. Which one of those you have to pick and choose now ?
  • 4. When you are applying to a university, you are not applying to join a major or a department ( unless you are a grade student). Instead you are applying to a specific school in that university.
  • 5. So write down your department the you found in Module 1.2 and see what are the schools/collage of … that get as a result. Write them down in your notebook and then move to the next exercise before going to your group.
The University of Zurich