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Abdulaziz August 21, 2021
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// A Step-by-step guide:

1) Number of international students

If the school has higher international students, it is well equipped with all the situations that might come up.
Also, it will have better accommodation in terms of governmental and social aspects.
An example is the Dashow center and how it is very fast in helping and assisting international students with everything from apartment leasing to school work to outdoor activity.

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Area percent column (B)
  • The second column which is related to the number of International students, what to do:
    • Go to the US news website and copy the number of international students for each school to the right cell in your sheet ( as shown in the video).

The column in red is a calculated value, don’t worry about it now. It will be used in the final calculation, so don’t attempt to change it; otherwise, it will affect the final result. 

2) Location

• The US will be ranked out of 100

Big cities in a blue state ( LA, NY, Boston.. Etc)Full 100
Big cities in red states (except Texas)75
Small cities in blue70
Small cities in red states50 – 60
Isolated campus10

• The UK will be ranked out of 75

London 75
Birmingham 70
Manchester 60
Leeds 50
Edinburgh 20
Glasgow 10

• The rest will be ranked out of 50:

Big city50
Small city25
Isolated campuses0

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Area precent ( column D):
  • Here you will follow the last slide: for each school you will look at its location on google and Identify:
    • 1. which country it is in
    • 2. which state the school is located in ( if it is in the US).
    • 3. is the school in a big city, small city or its own isolated campus. 
  • After knowing the above information follow the table shown to you and enter the number based on it.

3) Hobbies, interests and recreational:

  • Once you find the location, start looking for:
1. Recreational centers: these can be anything from food to sports.
2. Find out if this location has a center for your hobby: a quick google search will help you with that. You can also look at the school’s clubs, but most of them focus on cultural things.
3. Look for things that you like to do, going to the gym, cosplay,…etc   

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Hobbies, interests and recreational (column E):


  • 1. on the nots we provide you: recording the locations, centers and clubs you found in that location (city). 
  • 2. visit the website for these locations and look at their activity and what they offer and see if it really fits you
  • 3. In the excel sheet column E you will find the hobbies, interests and recreational category where you need to enter a value from (0 to 100). 0 being not satisfying and 100 is extremely satisfying.

4) Overall ranking

In this part, we will consider all the famous four ranking systems: US news ranking, QS ranking, times ranking, and shanghai ranking.

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Overall ranking ; Column (F,GH,I) (in green)


  • Here you will only look at the overall ranking for each school and type it down in the right column.
  • Anything more than a 100 you would have to put a 0.

5) Fundamental Majors

• For this section, we will start one by one: there are three majors that we are going to focus on:
1 – Math
2 – Physics 
3 – Chemistry
4 – Computer science

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: 


  • follow the exact format. We will be using US news ranking.
  • Log on to their website and select the school that is in your list and look at these four topics and type the ranking to the excel sheet under the column name ( K,M,O and Q).

6) Research Output

• If a school has a good research output, that is a strong indication of how good the labs and equipments are.

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Research Output 


  • For this we will be using the Times Higher Education(THE) ranking:
    • I. log to the THE website select the school you in your list.
    • II. scroll down to the statistics, as seen in the figure here.
    • III. click on research and copy that number to the excel sheet (column  U).

7) Engineering Ranking

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Engineering ranking
  • Just like what we saw in the major section. Go to the US news ranking and look at the Engineering top schools ( as explained in the video lecture).
  • Copy the ranking to the excel sheet in column X.

8) Minor and Second Major :

• Minor in:
1 – Business, finance, management will help your career in the corporate hierarchy later in life ( for an MBA).
2 – Marketing, filming, and graphics will great if you are planning to work for startups or make a start-up yourself. It can also help you jump career later. 
3 – Industrial engineer, innovation, and technology strategy: this is in high demand, and the market lacks specialists in these fields.
4 – You can go to humanitarian studies: in Saudi, this will be a big help in becoming a writer, speaker, coach, and influencer. All of these are new jobs and are much needed in the Saudi market.
5- or push it into technical and take a minor in another engineering field, but this is more academic. We don’t recommend that; if you plan to do that, we advise you to go premium and talk to the advisers they will help you with this.

// Discord Excersice

  • Discord server: Go to discord and discuss your minor with your group!

// Excel Excersice

  • Excel sheet: Engineering ranking
  • Just like before go to the US ranking website and enter the specific field you are interested in as a minor or second major and type the ranking you get in the excel sheet.